The Western Australian Feed-in Tariff commenced on the 1st of August 2010 and will run through to 2030. The net feed-in tariff pays owners of eligible renewable energy systems 40c per kilowatt hour (kWh) for excess energy exported back to the grid.

The key details are as follows:

  • Scheme will run from 1st of August 2010 – 2030.
  • 40c/kWh (in addition to Synergy and Horizon Power’s current buyback schemes).
  • Participants will receive payments over a 10 year term.
  • System size same as for Renewable Buyback Scheme, and will be capped at 5kW for Synergy customers, and 10kW per phase for Horizon customers.
  • Scheme will run until 2030, with reviews every 3 years or 10MW.
  • Residential PV, small wind and micro hydro are eligible (other technologies and commercial systems may be assessed for inclusion).

The feed-in tariff is a separate scheme to the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme offered through Synergy and Horizon Power. The feed-in tariff is a subsidy paid by the Government to make systems more affordable. The Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme pays for the value of the electricity.

The Government has asked Synergy and Horizon Power to administer the feed-in tariff on its behalf, therefore both schemes are provided by your retailer. Both schemes are also paid on a net basis, the combined total of which will provide owners of renewable energy systems with at least 47c/kWh for exported energy.