From the Minister for Energy and Resources

New hi-tech electricity meters will help drive more efficient energy habits.

The new meter program – to be rolled out for all Victorian households and small businesses over the next four years – will;

  • significantly assist electricity distributors to identify any loss of supply, helping to speed up power reconnections
  • remotely connect and disconnect electricity supply making it easier to switch energy retailers and move premises
  • provide for accurate real-time readings of a customer’s electricity use at 30 minute intervals, making it easier to monitor energy consumption, change behaviour and save money
  • allow electricity retailers to offer more innovative tariffs and services
  • mean far less estimated bills or staying in for meter readings
The Brumby Labour Government is taking action to help Victorians better manage their energy use and reduce their individual carbon footprint by equipping homes with new smart electricity meters.
Victoria is the first state to give the go-ahead for the widespread roll out of smart meters – a task which represents one of the most significant improvements to electricity infrastructure in the state’s history.
This is a big project affecting 2.2 million homes, and 300,000 businesses, so we made sure that we’ve designed a system that brings best value to everyone involved.
Smart meters are a valuable tool for Victorian households and small businesses to manage their electricity use. Customers will be able to make decisions to save electricity, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also saving money.
Electricity companies will be able to read meters remotely  which will mean the end of estimated readings and will ensure Victorians receive more accurate bills as well as making it quicker and smoother to move house and have power reconnected.
These meters will also help electricity distribution companies to detect and locate power outages and restore power to homes more quickly.
Smart electricity meters are a key step towards future smart electricity grids which will make it easier for renewable energy to be fed into the grid and for the future widespread use of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.
An analysis of the costs and benefits of rolling out smart meters found that the project will deliver net benefits to Victoria of up to $700 million over the next 20 years.
For more information about smart meters or the Brumby Government’s plans for energy, please visit
Your electricity distribution company (that is responsible for the ‘poles and wires’) is also responsible for putting in your new meter and will contact you directly to advise of the details and expected time-frame for the installation of smart meters in your neighbourhood.
You will receive further information from your local electricity distribution company regarding the installation of your new smart meter. If you have any queries regarding the installation at your premises, please contact Jemena Electricity Networks on 9937 6766.
Yours Sincerely,
Peter Bachelor MP
Minister for Energy and Resources