Unirac. announced that it has partnered with Wise Energy Systems to full a 1.1 megawatt solar power installation program together with the ISYS Ground Mount (ICM) inside a locality in Northern United State. Unirac. is often a company provided infrastructure for installing solar power systems.
Within the duration of 40 days by braving 5 significant snowstorms Wise Energy Systems has completed the installation of about four,080 solar panels technique in two virtually positioned websites in Vineland, New Jersey. By RFC Container and Russo Farms the installation sites had been jointly owned.
Based on William Rawheiser, the Wise energy Systems Owner and President,solar panels required for the installation were pre-assembled at a place 60 miles away from the web site and by using a automobile solar panels had been delivered towards the installation internet site, racking method that comes equipped with zero breakage.

He more added that the solar panels were then positioned by utilizing a crane more than the IGM as well as the clip featured in each IGM held the modules in spot while fastening them to the beam. Wise Energy was in a position to full around 70 kilowatts installations in per day.
Doug May well, CEO of Unirac, stated that IGM is created to decrease delays in time in the procedure of fabrication and to minimize the troubles of weather in inclement weather zones. He explained that IGM permits simultaneous operations like land preparation, and assembly foundation, module assembly and array sub assembly. Moreover the layout of I-beam cuts down the number of field labourers required for the installation of solar energy system.