Purchasing solar panels for your home is a very bright and an intelligent decision as well
as a big investment for the future. However with the myriad of companies operating in
Ireland it is easy to get overloaded with tons of information, and make us unable to make
the right decision for our homes.

Underneath are some points which should be kept in mind while choosing which solar power company

we should deal with:

first thing you should keep in mind is that you should be beware of pushy and
fraudulent sales people. There are plenty of stories around about solar sales people being
pushy and aggressive with prospective customers and refusing to leave peoples homes.
Don’t allow your questions to be deflected and to go them unanswered. Ask them to leave
to let you consider the offer. If it is as good offer and you want to make a deal u can still
think upon and can ask him to come next day.

you should first find out all type of information about the company-their history, their
location etc before parting with your money. You may also ask the company for some
references or testimonials from installations they have completed in your area or in any
other locations in your city. Any reputable solar company will do this and it is a great
way for you to see the system in operation .by this you can also speak to some of the
company’s customers and can satisfy yourself.

while buying from the internet, you should remain very careful .for example if you find a
site advertising DIY solar panels for only €200, our advice would be to stay clear and not
to buy from them as it may be fraudulent people making money through internet through
these type of scams. Keep your head and be careful with whom you deal with. When
there is a chance of making a quick buck or two it will always attract the greedy and less
scrupulous businesses. so always remain careful with the prices.

before buying the panel you must request an “all-in” price from your solar panel installer
and you should carefully read over quotes and contracts carefully before committing to
purchase solar panel from them.

you must ensure that your installer and the product which you are going to purchase have
to be registered with the SEAI in Ireland, in order to be eligible for a government grant.
Grant approval from the SEAI must take place before the commencement of any solar
installation on your property. The updated list of certified installers and their products is
listed on the SEAI website. So you should go through these websites and the details there
very carefully so as to confirm your grant.


you should make sure about the following items such as warranty details, terms and
conditions and any other details about the type of panel that will be installed on your
property. As it is an expensive product for you which you are purchasing and you must
be clear on what is or what not is covered. You must examine the guarantee/warranty
details carefully so as to get rid of future problems.