Thailand is going to install 204 megawatts of Solar Panels in coming four years. These Panels will be installed in 34 different locations in Thailand in four years.

The Kyocera Corp. of japan will supply 1 million solar panels to Thailand. The Sanae Iwasaki, a Kyocera spokes woman, said on phone that Kyocera will supply these solar panels to Thailand’s Solar Power Holdings Co.

It is estimated that order value is 40 billion ($485 million). Each of solar farms in 34 location in Thailand will generate 6 megawatts of solar power.

The Thailand Government has announced a plan to install 500MW of solar power by 2022. In total, the Solar Farm project will provide electricity for the local area with an annual power output sufficient for roughly 170,000 average Thai households, Calculated by Kyocera, based on an average annual household power consumption of 1,800kWh.