The 5.5-acre solar farm in Tennessee is now operational. The Farm is divided into two sections. One for supply of solar electricity directly to the TVA. The second section will help to power a nearby plant and warehouse.

The solar project is located at the American Drive Business Center and is consists of 4,914 solar modules. The Business Center solar farm will be participating in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Generation Partners Program, which provides technical support and incentives for the installation of renewable power generation systems. The Solar capacity of the solar farm is 1 megawatt (MW) system. The system is being designed and built by Knoxville based Efficient Energy of Tennessee (EETN). This Solar Farm is the largest solar electrical generation plant within the seven-state Tennessee Valley.

The Power grid will produce electricity sufficient to power 250 homes. The Power generated by the system will supplied to Jackson Energy Authority for TVA.

“We are thrilled to see EETN’s hard work come to fruition through this exciting project in Jackson. This array will benefit all the people in the Tennessee Valley Authority Region because it increases the percentage of their power that comes from renewable sources and reduces their dependence on petroleum-based utility power,” said Eric Hafter, Senior Vice President, Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group. “Sharp is happy to contribute to the growth of Tennessee’s robust solar industry, both with our Memphis plant and with our strong relationship with EETN.”