Stion which is one of the largest manufacturers of thin-film solar panels has received ANSI / UL 1703 and IEC 61 646 certified for 120W and 110W thin-film solar panels CIGSS. Elevation Series arrays are the largest and most powerful panels are monolithically integrated CIGSS to full certification for commercial purposes.

Currently, the company manufactures solar power panels in Calfornia, but has recently announced in Mississippi, where the first phase of expansions of 100 MW by the year 2012.

Stion’s solar panels are characterized by enhanced black aesthetics and simple form factor 65 x 165 cm dimensions which makes these panels are apt to use the market in two major segments like utilities, off the grid, households, commercial and administrative.

Chet Farris, CEO and President of Stion said that "It is a great pleasure for a company to receive certification, solar panels, and preferably to satisfy its customers by providing a certified goods."

There was a news of  Stion Solar last year in may that

The company is likely to release its first product, copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) Solar Panel in June, says CEO, Chet Farris interview.

Stion is a small plant that can produce 5 megawatts of cells a year. The first production is already committed to customers. It expands to 10 megawatts, and later, of course, trying to move away from that, if all goes well. Stion is initially focused on business customers and utilities for the subsequent large-scale solar energy farms, when the plant capacity increases.

Stion, he added, also produces its panels of industry wide standard. One way to make CIGS panel and one of the tools to do the other cells have been set and everything else basically comes from the basic lines of equipment makers, which lowers production costs.

"We have always had this pursuit of a tandem," he said. The modules are glass substrates.

This high-volume manufacturing at Stion produce CIGS and tandem junction modules with less than $ 1 watt, he added. The low price comes in part from the manufacturing equipment and part of the strategy should be designed to CIGS modules. Cells in the module does not need to be nervous together independently.

"From the point of view of the cap ex is less than the dollar-watt" Farris said