A new Solar Power Plant of 1 MW is being commissioned at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University near Gandhinagar. The Solar Plant has been built in 105 days and at cost of Rs 15 Crore. The Plant will generate 15 lakh unit of power each year which is enough to supply power to 1500 houses with Air Conditioners. This will also save the 1500T Carbon emission.

Chief minister Narendra Modi of Guajrat State said that the a new Solar Power Plant of 1 MW will be installed at Raisan, Gandhinagar as well. He said government is coming up with policy to make Gandhinagar a solar city and will buy back electricity from rooftop of households.

“The state is working on a rooftop electricity generation policy. The policy will enable Gandhinagar residents to produce electricity on their rooftops which the state government will buy,” he said.

The Solar Power generated by Panel on rooftops will be purchased by state government. 5000 houses will be covered under this project. It is expected that Solar Electricity will be generated for 9 hours in a day.

House owners will be given two meters – one will measure the solar energy generated through solar panels while the other will measure the household electricity consumption. The first phase aims to generate 46mw of solar electricity under the rooftop solar electricity generation project in Gandhinagar.

Initially 5000 Gandhinagar houses will be covered by the project. Solar panels installed on roofs of houses to generate electricity, as seven in the morning till four in the evening.

The Government will provide the houses two type of meters – one to measure the sun’s energy through solar panels and other measures of household electricity consumption. The first stage aims to produce 46mw solar electricity under the roof of solar power project.