Reduced costs and no rising costs further for solar energy has made it a popular
source of energy. Still for the consideration, we have some earthly facts and figures
for the same-

• Year 2004, global production of solar cells magnification has been done by
60%. Made of silicon, these cells’ material is very short in supply and which
has hindered the production.
• Year 2005 ending had the installed solar panels’ worldwide peak power to
about 5300 MW.
• 1 Kilowatt solar power energy has equivalence to 300 pounds of CO2 discharged
into atmosphere of earth and also has equivalence to burning of 170 pounds
of coal as an energy production.
• Production costs of photovoltaic cells have gone down considerably in
the recent years with a reduction of 3-5% per annum with the growth in
government subsidies. Importance of these facts of solar power facts is
genuine and proves that alternatively it’s the best source of energy.

Even more facts about solar energy and its origin locations can be seen below –

• Germany claims to have the biggest solar electric system, with the 10 MW
Bavaria Solar Park covering 62 acres approximately 25 hectares with 57,600
PV Panels. In Bavaria, Germany recently the Amstein Solar Electric Plant
gains advantage over the Bavaria Solar Park by 2 MW and supplies 12 MW
of power to a rough estimation of 3500 households with 1400 movable
panels in general. They are the largest to be said now.
• Grid attached residential applications is the main goal of Japanese and they
use about half of the global production of solar panels as an approximation.
• Creation of 450 TW yearly can be created by Sahara Desert in Africa.
Including the renewable sources and the fossil sources the modern
consumption of energy is not more or less than 13 TaraWatt.
• Warm weather countries are not just the only ones for the solar energy
providence. The tallest building in Great Britain, in Manchester City had

the draping of solar panels completely and started to provide power in the
national energy network by the year 2005.

The world of sustainability with the use of solar energy depends a lot on how
we use the same and it still does not only capture the technological aspect. The
energy from the sun brings all the ease and comfort with a lot more favorable
response from the human will continue to remain an asset for us.

Doing our best for the conservation of our environment and the betterment of it
will surely help our future to shape good and it’s not just limited to us, it’s for
everyone who wants to live in the best environment. Solar energy will always
prove to be a very good aspect for you living, so get into solar power and create
your own solar dwelling.