A news at Wall Street Journal says –

India is planning to add 20,000 megawatts of solar power to its grid by 2020 as it seeks to step up electricity capacity to meet the demands of a growing economy while developing clean-energy sources. The program will disburse about $20 billion in subsidies to solar power plant developers in coming years. But an Indian regulation that goes into effect in April will bar those firms from importing any foreign-made solar panels—the technology that converts sunlight into electricity.

Foreign solar-panel makers can only get a piece of the action if they set up local manufacturing plants in India through joint ventures, something few U.S. companies have expressed interest in.

“We’re very concerned,” Mr. Locke said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “We think that’s the wrong way to go. We think there are different ways in which you might try to achieve the objective of supporting more manufacturing within India.”

He said the U.S. is proposing alternatives like tax incentives or subsidies that would encourage U.S. and other foreign firms to set up solar-panel production facilities in India without shutting out their exports.

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