Solar power mean conversion of sunlight into electricity. Since years solar power has been around us. But today we have understood the power solar energy. Solar energy is the greatest way to conserve our natural resources. One of the most important advantage of solar power is that we can use sun to provide enough energy to our homes and small business and is non polluting.

Recently I have heard that a Salon in California has completely switched to solar power. And the owner of the salon is not only saving money but also making money by selling solar electricity to a company.

It is the great idea for any small business. On one hand you save money and on other hand you are also making money from it. People should know about this changing climate.

Solar power is the beat and affordable way to keep our environment healthy. Some people are making solar panels by themselves by using DIY solar panels. You can also learn to make solar panels by yourself more effectively and inexpensively. The more the solar panels you will have the more the electricity will be generated by them.

Companies are also making cheapest solar panels to fulfill small gadgets requirement like cell phones, iphones, laptops etc… Most of the electricity is consumed in heating water so by solar panels you can heat up your water and can save lot in electricity bill.