Conversion of sunlight into electricity is termed as Solar Power, which can be
used directly with the help of PV or indirectly with the help of Concentrated Solar
Power (CSP)

Photovoltaic cells basically get light into electric current with the use of
photoelectric effect. CSP basically make the use of lenses or mirrors and even the
tracking systems for the complete focus a large sunlight area into small beam.

Solar power has its availability in two main forms; the first one is thermal solar
power when the sun is made to heat fluid and which makes the turbines or the
other machinery to be driven. The second form will be PV Conversion of solar
panels where sun is the direct source for the production of electricity.

Applications of power has the following list below-

• Solar Power Satellite- Collection of solar power in space for the use on
earth is basically referred to as the concept of Solar Power Satellite. The
research has been on since the early 1970’s, solar energy gets collected
by an SPS and the conversion of it gets into electricity, then further into
microwaves. Beaming of the microwaves would be done on earth’s surface,
where the receiving and conversion is done into electricity with the help of
a large array of devices called rectifying antenna or retina. High collection
rates, longer collection period, elimination of weather concerns, and
elimination of wildlife and plant interference and redirect able power able
power transmission are some benefits of such systems.

• Solar Lighting – Use of natural light is made in this to provide illumination
of offset energy use in electric lighting systems and in fact the cooling
reduction load is done on HVAC systems. Building Orientation, Window
Orientation, Exterior Shading, Saw Tooth Roofs, Clerestory Windows, Light
Shelves, Skylights, Light Tubes etc, are all the features of Day lighting
features. Recognition of day lighting as a cornerstone of suitable design in
architectural designs is gaining an increasing trend.

• Solar Cars- Powered by energy from solar panels on surface of car which
results in conversion of solar energy into electrical energy yields a solar
car which is an electric vehicle. Solar calls are not very much common and
they have not been made a practical use at present. Limited sources with
limited time is the main drawback of this type and the solar cells being
generally very fragile cannot be taken into practice with the solar cars. Some
companies have worked on making solar cars but only just for one or two
people and not more than that.

• Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) – Mirrors or lenses with tracking systems
to focus large or small area of sunlight are used by this system to produce
electricity. CSP have solar concentrators used for providing industrial
process heating or cooling. CSP Technologies like Parabolic Troughs, Dish
Sterling Engine Systems, Central Receivers and Concentrating PV’s are the
most principally existent.

• Solar Thermal Electric Power Plants-The harnessing of solar power for
practical applications from solar heating to electric power generation are all
a process involvement in Solar Thermal Energy. Hot water panels which are
a type of solar thermal collectors are used commonly used for the generation
of solar hot water for the domestic and industrial use. The use of the energy
system has its use in architecture and building design for the control of
heating and ventilation in both the active solar and passive solar designs.