In April 2010 UK Government made an introduction of a Feed in Tariff scheme
which meant that a lot of people can avail benefits of solar power for their
homes and can make between 850 Pounds and 1500 Pounds per year tax free and
guaranteed for 25 years at least. Seeing the alternative idea which people have apart
from the same will be if they have an installation of thermal solar power systems
(generate hot water rather than PV panels, which generate electricity), they can
make approximately 450 Pounds per year, tax free and that too guaranteed for
20 years at least. It seems lesser than the first one although but these solar panels
require small investment and offer high rates of return.

Disadvantages will surely be there in the forms of the ugly look of your house,
making it totally unsellable in the near future. As a fact solar panels will surely
receive payments for 25 years and 90% of them will function effectively for a
period of 30 years at least.

Question arises, will it still affect the cost of your property? The answer would be a
no, some estimations say this on the average change in the value of the property as
an increase of 10,000 Pounds. The reasons for the same are several ones.

The initial being the property owner will be receiving the same benefits for which
the solar power panels were installed in the first place. As an example if the property
owned by you was sold after a solar energy system was on the roof for a period of
10 years, the new people residing there will know that they will receive from 850
Pounds to 150 Pounds per year, tax free and in the case of photovoltaic cells for a
further 15 years it would be worth 15000 Pounds to them. Hence there will be no
problems and they will be totally agreeing to pay on the property as it will benefit
them for the future.

Other reason apart from the same can be a simple one for the increase in the price
of property and that can be the changing trends of the society in general. Now
people take pride in the protection of the environment. Now the weird ways of
carbon cutting and recycling ways are a bit odd and old. By solar panels and which
are on your rood will prove to be a magnificent idea to show that you really care.

The solar panels are not very big and start from 3 to 4 square meters and never
look ugly at all. They can even be integrated with the roof tiles in case of the
new build being done. They can even be installed in your garden and even in the
unshaded land portion if available.

It depends on you how you look at it and the way to deal with the cost and all, as it
is very much a dramatic case in terms of cost of installation and efficiency.