The sun is preparing to enter the most active part of the course is called solar max.  There may be some sun-induced turbulence.  Side effects of this phenomenon may result in faulty telecommunications and GPS.

The sun passes through the cycle of high activity and relatively quiet and does not burn a coherent force. Observed in approximately two centuries, sunspots are the most characteristic point of activity. Cycles last 11 years on average, but in the current period, which began in 1996, has lasted longer than usual to get solar max. It is estimated the Solar max will be at peak  in mid 2013.

The sun crazy time of about two and a half years is beginning now. This means people should prepare for what could be some crazy, sun-free weather. The super-charged protons from Solar Max can hit in few minutes. Sun emits  electromagnetic radiation and charged matter is known as coronal mass ejections, or CMES.
Telecom and GPS satellites are the most vulnerable to the Sun’s wrath. Canadian communications satellite was crippled by a five-month CME in 1994, and April of this year, the ship’s communications in North America was disabled the same phenomenon. In another case, the GPS communications were knocked out for about 10 minutes in the sun weather in 2005.

It’s not just satellites, which are exposed to the sun to attack, but also a “power lines, connections and even oil and gas pipelines.