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Find Employment identify the top industries job seekers and recruiters need to focus their attention on to enhance future career prospects

As we approach the end of yet another year characterized by difficult recruitment trends and weak economic prospects on a global scale, both recruiters and job seekers alike need direction on where to converge their collective energies to maximize their earning potential from the new year onward.

In the past few years we have seen the global employment market shed another 27 million jobs leaving a staggering 200 million job seekers searching for employment around the world. In the face of such unrelenting competition for vacancies, FindEmployment have identified the industries which are projected to grow exponentially in the coming years, thereby offering recruiters and job seekers the best recruitment opportunities on a business and individual level. Here are the top six sectors that will be increasing recruitment in the next few years.

  1. Technology – In every country around the world technology is booming. The IT industry in India alone is projected to be worth USD $225 billion by 2020 employing 30 million people. This prospering trend will be mirrored in most other countries.
  2. Natural Resources – Oil and Gas, Energy and Mining are all flourishing and this sector has begun actively recruiting again after a notable decline in recent years. This sector recruits from both a degree and non degree level offering junior roles and training.
  3. Financial – Financial and Professional recruitment will thrive, in particular insurance, pensions and retirement advisors as the baby boomer generation retires creating positions.
  4. Health – The healthcare sector will see a dramatic increase in job vacancies due again to retirements and the generally aging populations in most countries. Home health care in the USA in particular is projected to grow with almost 300,000 jobs created in this sector in the last year.
  5. Green Energy – Notably solar panel manufacturing and distribution is becoming significant in the employment market in the western hemisphere with particular growth in Europe and the USA.
  6. Retail – In particular with an added emphasis on online retail. Most major retailers have a formidable online presence and Amazon recently announced 2000 permanent positions created in the UK along with over 10,000 seasonal employment hires this year.

These industries have assorted and varying requirements on the level of education needed to attain a position within these sectors. It seems that the established trend for recruitment in most of these industries will continue to be for candidates with degree level qualifications. Candidates seeking future employment in these sectors, can improve their qualifications; with online courses offering the most diverse range of subjects, and instant access, to the learning tools necessary for self improvement from anywhere in the world. Online courses offer job seekers the ability to swiftly train themselves in new career fields enhancing their employment prospects.

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