Friday, 15 October 2010 09:06

As Gold Coasters struggle to cope with the first power price rise, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) is already starting to think about the next one.
QCA chairman Brian Parmenter recently indicated the last jump of 13.29 per cent would probably not be repeated, but there would be an increase in 2011.
“We are looking at a new methodology and are about to start discussions on it and the price,” he said.
The comments came after the Bligh Government this week urged the QCA to consider the impact of price rises on household budgets when determining next year’s prices.
Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Stephen Robertson said the Government had concerns about the process the QCA was intending to use to determine electricity prices from next year.
“The QCA is about to begin its process of determining annual regulated electricity prices,” he said.
“But we are urging the QCA to re-consider some aspects of its proposed approach in how it intends to determine what price Queenslanders pay for their electricity in 2011-12.”
The hikes in power prices have pushed Gold Coasters towards green energy solutions in the past few months, with a spike in interest in solar hot water systems and solar panels.
The solar industry is booming on the back of such price rises with many business expanding massively and reporting growth of 600 per cent or more!
Source: AuSES.