According to new studies Cell phone towers which run on diesel emits astonishing 5 mn tones of carbon in India and they should be run on solar energy instead.

As the number of mobile phone users is growing day by day, the telecom operators are going for more and more mobile towers for better network efficiency. The increase in the number of towers result in huge consumption of diesel(which is approximated to about two billion liters every year) which results in carbon emissions of about 5 million tones.

This study was presented by a periodical called Future Energy which is presented by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency.

India currently has about 250k cell phone towers, and each of these cell phone tower uses about 3-5kilowatts of power depending on the number of users.

On the whole two billion litres of fuel is consumed for the generation of power. These towers also use the fuel for cooling purpose and they are energy intensive as they use power non-stop. If all these towers are set to use solar power energy then it will not only save fossil fuel but also contribute to the ecosystem by not emitting carbon.

Air-conditioning of the equipment which is located in nearby hubs also requires lot of energy. Hence a change in the method of power generation would make a huge impact in the atmosphere and savings of fuel. The idea of cell phone towers being run on solar energy will be even more helpful for the telecom operators planning to expand in rural areas.

According to the estimates India is suppose to have a billion cell phone subscribers by 2015, hence implementing this idea would be a great deal for the telecom operators. It will also cut down the cost of fossil fuel.

The carbon emission by burning of diesel from the cell phone towers is estimated to be around 11.76 billion pounds, whereas the diesel costs around USD 1.4 billion every year.