A British student has invented a solar powered refrigerator. Is bringing hope to village residents in Namibia, Africa.

A refrigerator whose units run by solar Power has been invented by Emily Cummins . It is the good invention as is does not require expensive Solar panels and complex technology. The design of this invention is simple. The refrigerator needs two cylinders, inner cylinder made of metal and outer cylinder of wood or plastic. And in between the cylinders wet soil or wet sand is sand is placed. When sun rays warm the cylinder. water evaporates, drawing heat from the inner cylinder.

At only 6 degree Celsius the inner part of the invention can remain cool. This invention of Emily Cummins is changing the life of villages, as they can now have fresh and safe milk and they can also keep their eatable in the refrigerator.

This is one of the great invention, and it shows that students are also concerned about healthy environment.

A Solar Refrigerator saves you power with –
1. A high efficiency fridge that runs on DC power
2. A fridge that runs on propane
A High Efficiency DC Refrigerator can cut down your power consumption so you’ll be able to install a smaller solar system and save money.

Some of these solar refrigerators are also “chest-style”. Since cooler air sinks, a chest-style refrigerator doesn’t let as much cool air escape when opened.

These refrigerators are also super-insulated and use brushless compressors for increased efficiency.