Projecta has launched a variety of state-of-the-art solar controllers to control solar energy as many as 30A in both 12 or 24 volt. Charging in possibly 2 Phase for automotive batteries or 3 Stage for deep cycle batteries, the controllers may take care of a direct DC load.
Even though the solar power systems seize the daylight changing it into useable electrical energy the photovoltaic controller regulates this electricity to prevent harm to the battery by abnormal cost or discharge at night.
Each individual of the controllers happen to be meant to be left connected to the battery indefinitely to maintain it completely charged, monitoring its ailment and accomplishing a method termed ‘float’ cost to keep up the battery in ideal problem.

Two Phase controllers are suitable to be used on automotive batteries even though the three Phase controllers may be used on both automotive and profound cycle batteries. The additional phase referred on the ‘absorption’ guarantees the battery receives a total and in depth charge which is delivered in the far better sequence, while at the same time monitoring its situation to be sure it is not overcharged.
Entry stage designs are 12V 7Amp and ten Amp providing fundamental charging command through a two phase process. They’re regarded as the minimum controllers needed to give security against solar overcharge and discharge.
The 4 three Phase Projecta controllers during the method are 12/24 Volt and come in 10A, 20A, a 20A with remote meter and also a 30A controller using a inbuilt display panel.
Every of the 3 Stage controllers have an ON/OFF highest load manage change additionally a minimal voltage disconnect to avoid battery destruction due to around discharge in the battery. A simple to read L.E.D cost indicator shows a quick reference information with the operational standing.
The final word 3 Phase Photo voltaic Charge Controller may be the computerized 12/24V 30A units (Aspect No. SC330) great for profound cycle batteries generally found in motor residences, dwelling boats and remote getaway households and shacks. This specifically controls the facility produced in the solar power systems providing 3 Stage charge maximising battery life and functionality.