Engineering students from the University of Michigan have founded Emerald, a portable solar panel-powered device that provides 100 lumens of light and power for your electronics.

These engineering students founded the start-up company June Energy. Energy from the personal solar power panel, Emerald, can provide energy light to do homework or power to charge a cell phone. June Energy, is spending its second semester in the TechArb Student Business Accelerator, and it recently received more than $500,000 in venture capital. The company is about to ship its first 40 domestic orders.

Emerald will provide 100 lumens of light, cell phone ports, a USB charging dock, and a number of adapters. The device takes three hours to charge in full sunlight. It can charge a smartphone in the same time it takes to charge by an outlet, and the device can provide light for eight full hours. The students hope to get the price to under $20.

One of the Engineering student Md. Shanhoor Amin, says the Emerald is unique. “There are products now that offer either discrete lighting or basic electricity, but not both. And these products are expensive due to high internal component costs. We’ve developed circuitry that solves both of these problems affordably.”