The company OPDE ITALIA, a multinational Spanish solar energy Group OPDE and specialized in the promotion, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic solar farms there, has declared that it will be constructing six new solar farms in cities such as Pedrosa, Alessandria, Tortona in the region of Alessandria and Fosano located in Cuneo region that will reach a total power of 26 MW.

The new solar power farms will be constructed with an investment of over 120 million Euros. The projects will be finalized before the end of March this year.

The new farms are located in the cities of Tortona, Alessandria, Pedrosa (in the region of Alessandria) and Fosano (in the region of Cuneo).

During the construction of the six farms more than 91,000 Trina module units of 230 Wp, 2,027 inverter units SMA model 11000 TL and 2,027 1-axis MECASOLAR trackers model MS-1E PLUS will be used, The modules are assembled at the factory owned by the company in Turin along with the other requirements. According to OPDE, a number of investment funds have shown interest in taking over the new projects that are under construction as well as the 17 MW power generation facility the company has completed in 2010.

The new solar farms will be finalized March 31 this year. The completion of the 26 MW facility will enable OPDE Italy to possess a total of 43 MW in Italy alone. The company has constructed over 127 MW power production projects globally.The speed of the work has been possible thanks to the work of the site management and engineering team which OPDE has in Italy.There are already several investment funds showing interest in acquiring the new projects.

The current 26 MW construction forms a part of its total orders for 58 MW. The construction for balance of orders in the region of Piedmont (Alexandria, Cuneo and Turin) will begin in the first part of 2011. In the current year, the company has invested over 316 million Euros in solar farms thus providing around 375 indirect and direct job positions in the Piedmont region. OPDE ITALIA is working on the organization of the construction phase of the rest of MWs which have already been legalized with “Autorizacione Unica” for the second quarter of this year.

This would add to a total of 80.4 MW of constructed accumulated power in Italy at the end of 2011 and will create a total of 375 direct and indirect jobs, especially in the region of Piedmont.