A 10 MW grid-connected power plant, Masdar City is a “positive energy.” The factory currently has more energy than it consumes.

“The solar power this [10 MW] plant generates over a 24-hour period exceeds the amount that the [Masdar] Institute and the site offices with the construction site use,” Afshin Afshari, manager of Energy Management at Masdar City, said.

This Power plant the largest in the area has been built over 22 hectares and it has been in operation since April 2009. Masdar City to use 3-4 MW, while the 6-7 MW transmitted back to the national grid in Abu Dhabi.

Since the new buildings come online, the city needs more renewable resources, and Masdar is well-off to produce more power.

The city recently installed a one megawatt solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. Masdar’s headquarters also has three such panels produce three MW on its roof, Afshari told the media during the tour on Sunday in the city.

1000 square meters of net zero energy building construction and is expected to be online for less than three years.