The cost of solar panels depends upon the quality, age and technology. They are mostly
priced at an attractive rate, yet this does not mean you have found a panel of low cost. So
you have to do a little hard work by checking with the manufacturer or retailer about the
3 qualities which are listed above.

The concept of “cost” involves more than just adding up the retail price of solar energy
panels, hardware installation and maintenance costs. The total price which you will pay
for the panels must be measured against the power these panels will produce for you.
Your main aim should be to pay less for every watt the photovoltaic panels produce for
your use.

Mostly better quality panels command higher price tags, and they tend to last much
longer. This additional lifespan often justify the added expense. However many people
will rather save money by choosing lower quality solar panels rather than going with the
higher quality ones.

As solar power generators produce electricity under the effect of sunshine, they begin the
irreversible process of aging. Due to the increase in their age, their resale value decreases
in the market. For this reason only it is important to verify with your sales representative
the age of panels you are receiving before buying the panels for your home. On the other
hand stored photovoltaic panels maintain their full lifespan. Thus these panels do not lose
their value.

When it comes to payback period used solar power panels aren’t all that bad. Although they
have a shorter lifespan and a slightly lower efficiency, but most of them are still in good
working condition and can last many more years. The best thing is that they are very

Due to the advancements in the technologies, the cost (per watt) of solar panels
decreases. Currently consumers often are getting solar panels below $5 per watt. The
prices may vary from location to location. Therefore for this reason you have to contact
a few solar panel manufacturers to understand how they price their products before you
sign on the dotted line.

You can find manufacturers quoting you a price of $25,000 to $30,000 for the entire
installation. This may appear to be expensive. But the system can serve you for more than
two decades and they usually pay for themselves slightly after the first. Therefore you’ll
be able to live on free electricity for another ten years after the payback period.