Certainty to energy prices to be on a hike is a surety. People are looking for some
alternative sources for the reduction in their energy bills and some ways for the
generation of their own electricity with the usage of solar panels. Renewable
energy projects usage at home can be expensive but will provide more energy after
the initial investment.

Storage battery tank is one major installation while the complete installation of
the solar system takes place. It even provides energy when the sun does not shine.
Some points to ponder for finding cheap solar deep cycle battery storage-

1. Free or Cheap

Bank of lead acid deep cycle batteries provides storage for the solar power,
specially designed discharge and recharge frequently. Cheap ones will always
prove inexpensive over the new ones which are expensive.

Golf carts, wheelchairs, marine applications like power for boat providence and
many a more other applications have these units applied them as their usage.
They can even be found free by visiting boat yards or golf clubs, will have
almost discarded batteries and will be useful as well.

2. Test.

Testing of the batteries will be important once you have the used batteries with
you and reconditioning of them may be required in some cases. The voltage
at the next step should be 12 volts; if it’s a bit lower then there is a fault in the
cells. Now concentration has to be laid on the ones which work well, leaving
behind the faulty ones.

3. Clean Plates

Sulphation will cause the contamination of lead plates and it’s when the lead
plates have a layer on them of lead sulphate crystals, unit being fully charged
and preventing the battery from holding charge.

Specialized charger can be used for the removal of this problem, which will
provide reduction of contamination and a high current pulse for the breakdown
of crystals. The money will be saved to a large extent.

4. Renew Electrolyte –

Renewal of electrolyte is the fluid in case between lead plates and is necessary
as a next step. Looking at the level of fluid first and then to be topped up with
de-ionized water until it covers the plates. Electrolyte conditioner may also be
added available automotive parts.

5. Recharge

Recharging of the restored item is the last step with the testing of the voltage
and you will have a free battery virtually for your solar plant.

Home renewable energy will require more viable, cost effective and cheap
cycle battery storage. Initial investments reduction will surely benefit the
money spent and the use of it as well.