Hertz, which is the biggest airport car hire company in the US, announced this week that it will install solar power systems of 2.3MW of solar power cells by the fall as the company moves to reduce its electricity consumption and offset its greenhouse gas emissions and they have initially rolled out a 235kW solar electric system at their rental facility at Denver International Airport produced 342,766 Kwh of electricity – enough to offset 650,000 lbs of CO2 per year.

Hertz plans to retrofit 16 of its facilities with photovoltaic systems; in total, which will be operational by the 3rd quarter. The planned solar panel systems will generate 2.3 megawatts of clean energy for the company.The other 15 facilities will be in California, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Massachusetts.

Executives from the company assert that if the plan goes well, they will install solar systems at more of its outposts in the U.S. and abroad. They currently operate 8,426 locations in 146 countries under their Hertz and Advantage rental brands.

Richard Broome, the company’s senior vice president, said that Hertz has consistently been a leader in its industry in the adoption of clean energy initiatives.

“From their commitment to electric cars and other low emission vehicles to their introduction of less water usage and this solar program, he added, they are at the forefront of integrating stable environmental practices with growth strategies, efficiency and pro-consumer service,” Broome affirmed