Thomas McGrath has  built a house , which is one of the greenest solar home in Chicago  . The House has tubes which are mounted on the ceiling so the property is a hydronic heating and cooling, and floor and above.

“We wanted a very smooth and uniform heat. There is also some efficiency that well, so we use less energy during the life cycle of a building,” said Thomas McGrath. Bare floors are now covered with a mixture of concrete and up to 50 percent of fly ash.

The McGrath has refurbished 150-year-old house and majority of rwa material is  recycled or reused . He installed 15 doors donated by American Bar Association. The hardwood flooring is the original four-and-a-half inch plank.

“It’s heated through solar thermal panels that are on the roof of the building. The glycol solution is captured in this tank and it runs up to the ceiling through the roof and heats this 110-gallon holding tank. This tank will heat all the floors and provide all the heat for the building,” said McGrath,
Solar panels are attached above garage included in the planned shelter on the rooftop.

McGrath expects to earn at home at the highest level of certification the U.S. Green Building Council because of his efforts. He should find out if he hit the target by spring.

1000 liter water tank is installed under the house to collect all the rainwater roof of the house and garage. That water can be used to water the landscaping.