NUR MOH-SA, a joint venture London based energy-producing Nur Energie Ltd, and the Greek Motor Oil Helias (MOH) has received a 38-megawatt electricity generation solar power plant license on the island of Crete in Greece, Greek Regulatory Agency. The project employs Bright Source Energy Ltd’s LTP 550 solar technology.

Nur Energie Ltd is an independent solar energy producer in the Mediterranean region. Since 2008 it has focused on developing projects for CSP, PV and CPV technology five core markets, Greece, Italy, France, Morocco and Tunisia and are in the pipeline for more than 100MW PV projects and more than 2210MW CSP project development

Based out of California, Bright Source Energy CSP heating system uses dry cooling technology, which consumes 95% less water than similar systems, which are wet cool.

Bright source claims that by using air to cool steam in a closed system that impact on the environment have been significantly reduced, and it is this feature that sets the LTP 550, except the competition. By choosing to take LPT 550 of the solar system in what will be Europe’s largest tower installation, Nur Energie certainly agreed.

When ready the Crete plant will produces enough Solar electricity to power 13 000 homes and at the same time reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35000 tonnes.

“After careful consideration, chose a bright source of LPT 550 energy system, because the technique has excellent performance, small impact on the environment and the ability to customize the design of Crete unique energy load profile,” said Kevin Sara, founder and CEO of Nur Energie. “When completed, this is the biggest tower installation and the most technologically advanced CSP plants in Europe.”

“This License Agreement will be increasingly recognized as a commercial power tower solar thermal technology choice of the energy around the world,” said John Woolard, president and CEO of Bright Source Energy. “We are proud with Nur Energie Crete gives people a very effective, reliable and environmentally friendly power.”