The Government of Australia is going to do more Solar Installation Inspections next year. The Inspection will be carried out for Small Generation Units (SGU).  The Government will access installations for relevant Australian Standards and other requirements relevant to the creation of certificates for SGU installations.

As per Government Regulations :

It is anticipated that the inspection regime will commence in early 2011. State and territory governments through their respective electrical safety regulations and through the Building Code, are responsible for regulating SGU safety. It is not intended the new inspection regime would impinge on state and territory responsibilities for enforcement. However where information is found during the course of an inspection performed under these new regulations that is relevant to these bodies, this information will be shared with them to inform the operation of their electrical safety regimes.

The regulations also specify the general requirements for inspections, appointments of inspectors, powers of inspectors, reports, declarations by the Regulator to suspend people from designing and installing SGUs and provisions on the review of Regulator declarations.

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