Scientists have been using power of the sun for centuries. Using solar energy to convert it into electricity is something that is present in every country. As Fossil fuels will  be depleted within the next 40 years, it is important that all countries focus on alternative power. Everybody should try to use Alternative energy sources , so that earth remains green.

The Government is also supporting the green energy, and all states have solar rebates in form of direct rebate and feed-in-tariff for solar electricity generation. The Government Rebate will be reduced in year 2011. So it is best to take advantage of Rebates now.

“It is said that the sun’s rays falling on the earth for about twenty minutes is enough to meet the electricity requirements of the year. It is important that we control this energy for our our advantage to fight against global warming. Solar energy can be used for domestic use or part of it can be converted into solar electricity from solar power technology.

The biggest myth that people associate with solar power is that they are very expensive. Where as with present solar rebate from government , the solar power is very affordable and the Solar Power System pays itself in few years.

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