Sustainability Power Association of Australia has honored Galaxy Resources and Swan Energy with the Power Generation and Distribution Award.
The award given in recognition of sustainable power efforts and innovation from the two businesses was presented inside a ceremony held at Perth, WA.
State-of-the-art solar tracking technologies at Mt Cattlin project near Ravensthorpe in Western Australia.
Mt. Cattlin will likely be the initial mine web page in Australia which is totally powered by renewable energy sources within the subsequent three years. At present about 10% of the power requirement from the mine is met by green energy and this may soar to 100% by 2014 if all goes to plan.
Galaxy Resources has recently completed a renewable power installation at the Mt Cattlin lithium mine and also a processing plant located close to Ravensthorpe in Western Australia with 14 larger sized solar trackers and 2 wind turbines.

The installed solar trackers are created to track the movement from the sun all by means of the day and produce close to 15% a lot more power than the single axis solar systems. Mt. Cattlin happened to be the initial mine web page in Australia to possess a solar tracking system for its energy production requirement. Swan Energy, a renewable energy systems supplying firm in Australia, has developed the solar panels as well as the wind turbine systems for the project.
The site at Mt Cattlin uses solar panels on a solar tracker which follows the sun all by way of the day and gives 15% additional solar electrical energy than fixed systems. The Company has 14 giant solar power trackers and 2 wind turbines in operation at its Mt Cattlin lithium mine and processing plant, which collectively generate 226 MWh per year of renewable energy.