Hybrid Harvesting System from Fujitsu Can Generate Electricity From Indoor Lights & Ambient Heat. Previously, dual harvesting of energy was done by combining two different devices. But now Fujitsu has introduced a technique which is able to create a single device that creates electricity from two different sources it will also be more economical to manufacture. The company sees the main use of this device as a way to power medical devices and sensors.

Fujitsu has created an organic material that works as a generator for both photovoltaic and thermal electric harvesting. As the materials “high generating efficiency” energy can be harvested from indoor lighting, Heat and from direct sunlight. Now its easier to keep production costs down as one organic material generates electricity from two separate types of energy saves money.

 Along with this great technique of organic material that works as a generator from both light and heat, Fujitsu also used two different semiconductor materials so that the electrical circuits could could change from one mode to the other. Using an N-Type semiconductor, harvests energy from light. Changing to the P-Type semiconductor, harvest energy from heat.

Fujitsu’s new device doesn’t have the disadvantages of solar or thermoelectric devices because this device doubles the amount of energy that can be captured. In other words, when there isn’t a light source it will still work with ambient heat and when ambient heat (temperature differentials) isn’t enough to power the device, a light source will.

If either the ambient light or heat is not sufficient to power the sensor, this technology can supply power with both sources, by augmenting one source with the other.”

This constant electricity generation are highly recommended to be used in the medical field for “sensors that monitor conditions such as body temperature, blood pressure, and heartbeats – without batteries and electrical wiring.” It can also be used for environmental use would be in remote sensors that monitor the weather. The sensors could be placed in hard to reach areas without the need for frequent maintenance as for this there is no need of electricity or batteries.

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