Renewable energy which has been a debatable topic of all over the gone past years and still it is
one subject, been discussed a lot of all the energy resources. We make the use of such resources
to power various appliances and help our environment for the reduction of the fossil fuels on the
environment as a whole. Range is not limited at all and includes solar cells, geothermal energy,
wave power, tidal power, hydroelectric power, biomass wind turbines and wind generators.

Dating back to the early times the oldest of the windmills were found in Persia in 200 BC.
India’s existence in the harnessing and developing of the windmills came in 1990’s, now came to
be known as the fifth largest producer of wind turbines in the world.

Wind energy is generated into electric power with the help of wind generators in the wind farms
with the help of three blades for the capture of it. The modern look of the wind turbines has taken
over the older style and the new turbines use basically the potential energy or the stored energy
for the turning of the motor. As the motor turns, the potential energy is converted into kinetic
energy. Moving the blades of the windmill, kinetic energy is further converted into mechanical
energy. When the energy is used for generation of electricity then it is known as wind generator
but if the grinding is done like wheat then it’s termed as windmill.

Shapes and sizes of the wind turbines are available in plenty; common of the entire ones will
be the rotor spin or the vertical axis which can be seen on wind farms, whereas, when we talk
about others the utilization of the concept of the horizontal axis, where we will find the rotor and
electric generator being near the apex. The popularity of them is on charts in the society, with the
fuel being near depletion in the coming years a new renewable energy source has to be looked
upon for sure.

Wind Energy Association in America, formed in the year 1974 educated Congress about the
potential of wind energy. The year 2001 brought the formation of World Wind Energy Council
with a membership of over 100 members from various countries. All were dedicated towards the
promotion and development of wind energy as a renewable source.

Solar panels are still being used by many countries for the capture energy from direct sunlight
for the generation of power. Taking into consideration countries using solar power, Germany is
also one country which provides an encouragement to the people of their country. Round about
17000 MW of solar energy from the sun is generated and Government’s incentive plan for home
owners and feed-in-tariff is proving to be a factor for the expansion of the country as a whole.
Now they are setting up a target of 66 GW of solar energy as a generation by the year 2030.

Modern appliances are a lot made use in the developed countries and which requires a lot of

consumption of energy. Example of high electric power consumption devices can be given
of Refrigerators, Televisions, computers etc, even the driers too are used because of the busy
lifestyle the people have there. That is why we are facing depletion near for the resources which
are renewable and the cost for the same is highly meeting increment.