The NSW Government is considering to provide subsidized coal for cheap electricity. This might result in pushing back renewable energy like solar power as the coal will be cheaper option to use.
The Nature Conservation Council has asked Australian Consumer and Competition Commission to find out breaches arsisng out of the coal mine development in cobbora.
The Coal will be supplied at the just $35 to $40 a tonne amounting to $1.3 billion. This coal will be supplied for electricity generation at cheap rates. These coal rates are much cheaper than using gas or any other renewable energy resources. The export market price of coal is $60 to $70 a tonne.
The Chief Executive Officer Pepe Clarke of  Nature Conservation Council, NSW said that this will have significant impact on competition and it will impact uptake of clean, renewable energy sources.

NSW has recently reduced feed-in-tariff (solar rebate), which has already impacted green energy in NSW.

The Greens MLC John Kaye said: ”The power sale will create one of the most anti-competitive outcomes ever seen in Australian electricity markets. NSW households and business will end up paying to lock out cleaner sources of power and undermine the effectiveness of any future carbon tax.”

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