The industry’s peak body said that the  SOLAR energy  is becoming “the Hills Hoist of the 21st century” and the Far North is leading the popularity surge.

It is assumed that about 3000 jobs in the renewable energy sector will be created in regional centres state-wide by 2020, with Cairns expected to benefit thanks to an ideal climate for solar energy.

Number of households have now started using  solar power because of increased affordability and government incentives, leading the Clean Energy Council to yesterday dub the technology “the Hills Hoist of the 21st century”.

The Far North could benefit on an even bigger scale if the Queensland Party’s call to make Cairns a trial zone for renewable energy sources to power a city comes to fruition.

 The company expected a busy six months ahead with customers rushing to get systems installed before the solar credit rebate decreases by about $1000 on July 1. “We have been undergoing a significant growth period,” NQ Solar administration and marketing manager Karen Lloyd-Collins said.

“People are rushing for inquiries now so they don’t miss out on the cheaper prices.”

Ms Lloyd-Collins said the region is perfect for solar energy and will save more than 75 per cent on electricity bills.

The Clean Energy Council reported that more than 100,000 solar power systems were installed Australia-wide in 2010 which is almost 81,000 more in total during the previous nine years and that the Cairns could reap environmental and economic benefits.

The spokesman Mark Bretherton said, “With such amazing sunshine up north, Cairns has the potential to benefit from a big increase in solar power”.