VICTORIA: Today’s announcement by the Brumby Government shows the Premier is serious about solar power in Victoria, according to the clean energy industry.

Premier John Brumby announced that five per cent of the state’s electricity would come from solar power by 2020, through incentives encouraging industrial solar power stations and medium-sized commercial installations in places such as the roofs of shopping centres.

Clean Energy Council chief executive Matthew Warren said the policy should deliver investment and jobs in regional Victoria, develop emerging industries and help reduce the state’s greenhouse emissions.

“Mr Brumby is to be congratulated for demonstrating real leadership in developing a world-class renewable energy industry in Victoria,” he said.

Victorian households are already able to access support for installing solar power, and it’s important that businesses are encouraged to embrace the technology to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Industrial scale solar power stations have real potential to play a major part in Australia’s energy future and measures like this are crucial to realizing that potential,” said Mr Warren.

“It should help companies gain the foothold they need in the Australian market to start generating solar energy at the lowest cost.

“Initiatives like this will help to make Victoria a preferred destination for clean energy investors and help us to leverage our world-class renewable energy resources,” he said.

The largest solar power station in Australia is currently a 1 MW facility at the Adelaide Showgrounds.