We certainly are living through changing times. The world has finally accepted climate change and peak oil as serious issues that cannot be ignored any longer. Biodiesel is a plant based fuel which is an alternative to regular diesel. Whilst it is not a solution for the entire driving population, waste vegetable oil is capable of powering 10% of all road transport in Australia at a per litre production cost of only 30 cents. Many restaurants and other food outlets produce 40 litres of waste vegetable oil each week in drums that just get thrown in the dump master. It is certainly possible with some good communication skills, to make arrangements to collect these drums periodically for biodiesel production. One key element to remember is that whilst fuel has recently become cheaper, this is only a short term reality. Setting up a biodiesel plant at home is not only good for the environment, it will help you to protect yourself from rising fuel costs in the future.

Biodiesel is not hard to make, but it is very easy to make unnecessary mistakes and messes through improper training. Grown Fuel in conjunction with SolarGen are finalising the construction of a biodiesel training plant, just a short drive from Melbourne, which will provide comprehensive ‘all you need to know’ training in the successful implementation of biodiesel manufacturing.

The first training dates to be held are:

Saturday 7th February 2009
Saturday 21st February 2009

For all enquiries, please call SolarGen on 1300 676 527 or via email at sales@solargen.com.au