The state’s largest $150 million solar power farm is now all set to be built, covering 100 hectares by solar panels near the New South Wales town of Bungendore east of Canberra powering 10,000 homes.

“It is 32 blocks of solar panels placed for about 2-3 feet above the ground, so it’s a very big development,” Mr Monaro Steve Whan said. “It’s something that brings quite a lot of jobs in the region, because it is built around five jobs in the current manner. But more importantly, the actual share of renewable energy generation in this region.”

The solar farm project will be built alongside the Capital Wind Farm. “The main advantage of bringing together the infrastructure, mainly electricity, which puts them on the network, so that only help them to connect to the network,” he said.

“But it does not give them the two power sources are not – apparently as well as solar and wind are dependent on the weather and environmental conditions around it. So it gives them a more consistent supply network.”

“Although wind farms are sometimes controversial, solar farms seem very broad support, particularly in this region.

“I think this is a very high level of support and approval of the Planning Department is very welcome.”

Tony Mohr, Australian conservation Foundation welcomed the project but says that it’s been a long time.

“It’s a good start, but it really is just scratching the surface, and a huge source of energy for New South Wales,” he said.

“Enough power to power 10 000 homes are a good addition. But of course we have a lot of homes like this and many other industry that needs a lot of electricity. We have made a good start here, but there is plenty more to go.”