Margaret and Peter Forscutt are Tasmanian residents who have recently received a SolarGen 4kW grid connect solar system. “We are both pensioners on a fixed income, and our main objective was to minimise and control expenditure on power bills, both now and in the future. We have had a 20% price rise in electricity this Year with a guaranteed increase of at least 5% every Year into the future, without taking into account the possibilities of carbon tax”.

The Forscutt’s are concerned about climate change in the future. “I think there is going to be a high impact on Australia from climate change, because it is a very dry Country. Tasmania now imports ../../high percentages of its power from the mainland grid because of decreased rainfall leading to extremely low __lt.css;30%) in the hydro dams. I don’t think climate change can be totally stopped and we will have to adapt to a new climate, changing our lifestyles, becoming more efficient, more self sufficient and less consumer orientated”.

In addition to the above benefits of a grid solar system, the Forscutt’s purchased a grid connect solar system because of the unavailability of green power in Tasmania. “There is great publicity about clean green hydro power but the reality is we import dirty brown coal power from Victoria. The demand is such that we would be experiencing brown outs if this were not possible”.

Their 4kW grid solar system was comprised of German quality Schott solar panels and a Sunny Boy 3800 inverter. “We have information on: total electricity generated; total electricity consumed and net electricity exported to the grid. Our average daily consumption last quarter (before the system was installed) was 21 kW hours per day. This varies with the season as we have electric central heating but no air conditioning”.

The Forscutt’s have noticed that their solar power system has generated more than just green electricity, with curious neighbors approaching to ask questions “…in fact someone asked me for information when I was walking the dog this morning. On the actual day of installation the tradesman were worried about there being an accident with so many people around watching them!”

The Forscutt’s intend to remain at their current residence well into the future. “We have no intentions to move at all! But if we were to build new we would incorporate solar generation or look at the option of moving the existing system”.