The Sunday mail has published a news that Anna Bligh has redirected $100 million from clean-coal fund to solar industry. This is one-third of the clean coal allocation in the Queensland Future Growth Fund. Apparently this fund will be utilized for the development of two new commercial-scale solar power projects.

The $4.3 billion power plant in central Queensland has been dropped and this has been looked as a significant shift in Labor’s energy policy.

The change in policy came after former premier Peter Beattie describing the clean coal fund as “one of the biggest and most important investments in the state’s future” during 2007.

Ms Bligh has confirmed that funds has been re-allocated from the clean coal fund to the Solar Flagships Projects. He said this will help in powering over 50,000 homes. The funds will be investing in development of  two new solar plants.

She said “The re-allocation toward the Solar Flagships Projects highlights the Bligh Government’s commitment to develop feasible, sustainable energy for Queensland’s future.

On December 15, Energy Minister Stephen Robertson committed $100 million towards the solar scheme but failed to say where the money came from.

Ms Bligh said that ZeroGen will get $50 million in the clean coal fund.