The United States Princeton University has announced to build a 3.5MW solar power farm. U.S. For Princeton university it is one of the largest facilities.

The country has kept about 11 hectares of land reserved for commencing the project with 16 500 solar panels.

Each year, this system delivers solar electricity of about 8 million kilowatt-hours. This amount of electricity is sufficient to 7,000 residential units and is equal to the annual requirements of Princeton University.
By Key Equipment Finance, this project will be funded and owned, “said Princeton University.

Vice-President of Princeton University, Michael McKay said that the approach of university will serve as a national model and for university students the facility will be also used.

In order to maximize energy capture, a lot of Sun Power solar farm T0 Trackers will be used. GPS Tracker technology that tracks the movement of the sun in the sky.

As part of the University plan for sustainable development by 2020, the University aims to reduce its annual emissions of Caron Dioxide at 1990 levels (95 000 tons). The previous two years at Princeton University has decreased emissions of carbon dioxide Caron is 2.5%.