Alice Spring is going to have one of Australia Biggest Solar Power Station. The Total Cost for 1MW solar system project will be $6.6 million. The Project will be installed on three hectares of land and can power 288 homes.

The Solar Station will have 3048 solar mono-crystalline panels , each generating  318 watt and will moves as sun moves across the sky. All the generated electricity will be supplied to Power and Water for 20 years.

Power and Water sustainable energy manager Trevor Horman said the company had been been using smaller solar systems in six remote communities for 20 years, with other systems built or in the works.

“We think this is probably the biggest in Australia,” he said, adding it decided to support the project because it gave the high percentage of renters in Alice Springs a chance to use renewable energy. “The reason why it is happening now is the price of these solar panels is coming within cooee of the cost of gas-fired production,” he said. “Alice Springs is very environmentally conscious. If we want to test anything in the environmental area this is where we will test it out.”

Power and Water charges an extra $1 per week for 10% solar power and $5 per week for 50% and $10 a week for 100% solar power for homes.