For living a normal life, Afghanistan people are helped by Solar Power light as they are heaving well little street light at night.

For the first time in year, people of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, are enjoying the Solar Power street lights as 28 new solar powered street lightning’s are installed in the city by US engineers, and it has given a feeling of security in the city.

For the event a ribbon-cutting ceremony was marked and it has signalled the banging of 2 more solar power street lightning projects in the Afghanistan Engineering District-North’s Commander’s Emergency Response Program, or CERP, The project is similar to the project of year 2009 in Zabul province of 140 solar powered lights.

Kabul deputy mayor Abdul Ahad Wahid said that, “I know that this will have a positive impact. The moment we started lighting the road, people were extremely happy. There were like ‘wow we are living in a real city”.

I think that Solar Power is the best and viable way to save our resources. Solar Power is now taking its place all round the glob. recently I have herd that 100,000 rooftop Solar panels are installed in Australia and now in Afghanistan street lights are solar powered. It is great news for all of us. Everyone should know about this changing climate.