A Feed-in Tariff rewards households and businesses that install renewable energy generation technology by paying a Premium Price for the electricity they generate.
For each unit of renewable energy generated, you will be paid at a rate greater than the retail price you would usually pay to buy the same amount of energy for your use.

The ACT Feed-in Tariff Scheme is based on gross generation, so you are paid for each unit of electricity that you generate. Most other jurisdictions only pay you for any energy left after deducting your own consumption.

When Will The Solar Feed In Tariff Start?

Stage 1 of the Scheme aimed at householders and small business will commence on 1 March 2009. An announcement on how larger scale generation will be included within the Scheme is expected in June 2009.

How much will I be paid?

From commencement of the Scheme on 1 March 2009 until 30 June 2010 the Premium Price will be 50.05 cents per kWh generated for systems up to 10kW. For systems between 10kW and 30kW a rate of 40.04 cents per kWh will be paid.