Mahagenco has decided to set up a 4MW solar power plant in Chandrapur, looking towards the progress of renewable and clean energy. The company has already granted a 1MW solar plant in the premises of the Chandrapur power plant. Mahagenco has the target of generating 125MW of power in the state by 2012.

The two technologies Crystalline photovoltaic technology and the thin film photovoltaic technology will be used to produce 2MW each will be used in the plant. The first technology requires 4 hectares land, while the second would need eight hectares. The deadline for completing the project is June 2011.

Mahagenco and MSETCL made an agreement for transmission of 61.33 lakh units that would be generated in the 4 MW solar power project here. 

A loan of 75% cost of the Rs 52.52 crore will be given by Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)and the remaining 25% will have to be borne by Mahagenco.

An agreement of power purchase has been signed between the generation company and NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam (NVYN) for selling this power at Rs 17.91 per unit. Mahagenco has also signed an agreement with Mahatransco for carrying 6.13 million units (MU) per year.

The 1MW solar power project was successfully connected to the grid on April 7, 2010. The power generated by the 1MW plant is also being by sold to NYVN.