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Tennessee’s Largest Solar Energy Farm Operational

Posted by admin on January 30th, 2011

The 5.5-acre solar farm in Tennessee is now operational. The Farm is divided into two sections. One for supply of solar electricity directly to the TVA. The second section will help to power a nearby plant and warehouse.

The solar project is located at the American Drive Business Center and is consists of 4,914 solar modules. The Business Center solar farm will be participating in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Generation Partners Program, which provides technical support and incentives for the installation of renewable power generation systems. The Solar capacity of the solar farm is 1 megawatt (MW) system. The system is being designed and built by Knoxville based Efficient Energy of Tennessee (EETN). This Solar Farm is the largest solar electrical generation plant within the seven-state Tennessee Valley.

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India’s first green station at Manwal on the Jammu-Udhampur rail route

Posted by admin on January 29th, 2011

India’s first green station at Manwal on the Jammu-Udhampur rail route was  inaugurated by Indian railways. Usually the tiny station faces the problem of frequent power cuts, now will be  provided by a supply of solar power. “A request was made to J&K SEB for providing reliable electric power supply to this station…it was planned to generate onsite renewable energy through solar panels,” said A S Negi, spokesperson, Northern Railway.

Now Jammu-Udhampur railway station’s fans and lights are running on solar electricity and the state electric supply is kept as a standby source in case solar power supply fails. Electric Load of S&T installations and one water cooler is on state electricity supply.

The next planning is to install more Solar panels for increasing backup for power supply and standalone lights for complete platform lighting for the further improvement in the system after the trials are successful.

To reduce the load of power supply some surplus fittings have been removed and energy efficient T-5 fittings, 60W fans, new exhaust fans (55 Watt) and CFLs are fixed.

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Largest solar power plant inaugurated in Can Gio district in Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by admin on January 28th, 2011

A solar-power project to provide electricity to Thieng Lieng hamlet in Can Gio’s island poorest district in HCM City, commenced operations yesterday, Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee, Hua Ngoc Thuan participated in the inaugural ceremony.  

A household in Thieng Lieng Island uses solar power, officials are hoping that the project will serve as a model to other hamlets across the nation. This power plant will benefit 172 local rural households out of the existing 204 households in the Thieng Lieng-Can Gao island commune.

The VND14.8 billion (US$740,000) project that was funded by the HCM City Electricity Company and the Duyen Hai (Can Gio) Power Company, has a capacity of 525 wp and was built at a cost of VND14.8 billion (US$ 7,600,000).

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Siemens agreement with Suntech Power

Posted by admin on January 28th, 2011

Siemens Energy, a division of Siemens (NYSE: SI) has signed framework agreement with Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (NYSE: STP), the world’s largest manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) modules, to supply solar power projects in Europe.

Siemens is offering EPC solutions for photovoltaic plants, "With Suntech we have a bankable partner to provide reliable photovoltaic plants to our customers." said Martin Schulz, Vice President Photovoltaic Siemens Renewable Energy Division.

Siemens has orders for photovoltaic plants with a combined capacity of over 80 MW  from six countries. Siemens handles the turnkey construction of the plants using in-house components such as inverters and transformers and and independent panel sourcing as well as local sourcing.  Suntech will supply the solar panels.

"We are excited to establish a strategic cooperation with a strong partner such as Siemens. We have already started executing on the agreement for projects developed throughout Europe. Siemens’ global presence facilitates joint projects in Europe as well as in other parts of the world." Jerry Stokes, president of Suntech Europe, said in the statement.

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German ministry says no to solar power subsidies

Posted by admin on January 28th, 2011

The German Environment Ministry said on Thursday it will not cap solar subsidy cut payments for new plants increased capacity exceeding 1 GW and nationally in any one year and to present a solar power subsidy cuts by six months 1 July. The cuts could be as high as 15 percent, if projections at the end of May suggest more than 7.5 gigawatts in new capacity will be installed in 2011.

Ministry spokeswoman in Berlin said it had notified the firm to steadily reduce aid annually as well as apply a cap on subsidizing “overcapacity.” “But the interest of electricity consumers, the subsidies must be made more cost-effective. "

German authorities say they do not want to harm the fast-growing sector. Caps subsidies devastated the field in other countries and Germany, wants to avoid that, officials said. Germany’s "feed-in tariffs" have been profitable for businesses, and individuals to install the panels for their roofs or build solar parks. Solar energy is still relatively expensive, but the feed-in tariff makes it worth ensuring an artificially high price for someone offers solar energy to the national grid.

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President Obama mentioned government grant to manufacture “solar shingles”

Posted by admin on January 27th, 2011

During the President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Speech, which is delivered on Tuesday evening before a joint session of Congress, the President Obama mentioned solar shingles a lesser-known photovoltaic energy source that looks like regular roofing shingles but could power homes more cheaply than common solar power panels. The president stated that two American entrepreneurs have turned their obsolete factory into a facility for manufacturing solar shingles

Solar shingles are basically solar panels called as photovoltaic shingles. Solar shingles come in a number of designs and sizes. Solar shingles are designed to capture daylight and convert the light into power. Although, solar shingles with different designs have different requirements as to the placement of the shingles to produce energy, many brands of solar shingles can directly be placed to the roofing cloth. Some brands and complex designs of solar shingles require special installation efforts.

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300 new jobs created at a solar plant in UK

Posted by admin on January 27th, 2011

Sharp Corp., Japan’s largest manufacturer of solar power panels is to create 300 new jobs at a plant in the UK following the extension of its European solar panel plant in Wrexham, Wales,  increasing the workforce to 1,100 from 800.

The company said the investment will almost double manufacturing capacity to 500 megawatts a year by March, with an additional 3,000 panels being made every day, enough to power over 170,000 homes.

Andrew Lee, head of international sales for Sharp, said: “This job creation proves that there is an appetite for solar technology in the UK and that this sector has huge growth potential, bucking the trend in the wider economy.”

“Feed-in tariffs led to a shot in the arm and the solar industry, and we have responded by creating jobs.”

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Emcore contract NASA to manufacture solar panels

Posted by admin on January 26th, 2011

Semiconductor component manufacturer Emcore has hired NASA to manufacture, test and provide solar panels for the four spacecraft deal worth $ 10 million.

Emcore to provide 32 solar power panels to power Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) spacecraft.

Panels at the Emcore factory  of Albuquerque, New Mexico and is sunlight converted to power efficiency of nearly 30 percent, significantly higher than used for terrestrial applications.

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Sunvalley Solar has inked a $1.37m contract

Posted by admin on January 26th, 2011

U.S. solar integrator Sunvalley Solar has inked $ 1.37m contract Aqua Farming Tech that will see it as a project to install solar panels in Thermal city, California.
The company has integrated solar power panels in 3140 from Tianwei Solar Films, along with four solar inverters of different classification of PV Powered, a few months.

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Truro school winner of MySolar School gets £30000‎

Posted by admin on January 26th, 2011

Truro school has won more than £ 30,000 worth of solar panels for next week installations.

A competition was held on My Solar School, part of a £15 million give-away by British Gas to provide solar power energy to UK schools. Tregony School was the first winner. 100 solar panels will provide up to 20 per cent of the school’s electricity and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 7.4 tons per year.

The Mark Weir, Headteacher at Tregony School said  “We are already committed to helping the environment. We recycle regularly and grow our own vegetables and flowers that are sold in shops throughout the community.”

“Having the panels installed will enable pupils to become more aware of the importance of being energy efficient.”

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