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The “Buy American” clause tries to combat Chinese solar dominance

Posted by admin on February 14th, 2011

As this week the Defence Secretary Robert Gates meets with his Chinese counterparts it has come into lime light that the American President, Obama has approved a military authorization bill last week which states that the Solar panels must be purchased from the US owned companies by the Defence Department.

Amidst the increasing tensions between the world’s two largest economies, the “Buy American” clause might add grease to the fire. About 50 percent supply of the world’s solar panel cells is from China but still the American President Obama believes that U.S. will occupy the peak global position in the solar power market.

It has been debated by many analysts that the Chinese domestic solar market has been non justly popped up by offering large assistances to the domestic solar power producers and to beat the Chinese dominance in solar manufacturing both House and Senate lawmakers canvassed the “Buy American” clause.

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States Support To The Green Power

Posted by admin on February 14th, 2011

The Power Tariff Policy being amended on Thursday by the Cabinet to make it obligatory for the State Government to have solar energy as 3 percent of their total power by 2022 which is an attempt to encourage solar energy.

According to an official statement the solar power purchase for states may start up with 0.25 percent in the first phase which goes up to 3 percent by 2022. And the amendment in the tariff policy is in accordance with the National Solar Mission Strategy, which was approved by the Cabinet on 19th November’ 2009

According to the amendment, the power purchased by the state electricity boards (SEBs) or other state utilities will be complemented by the solar specific Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) mechanism through which solar power generation companies will sell certificates to the buyers. And the buyers will also get some help by these certificates to meet their solar power purchasing obligation.
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First Solar Purchased RayTracker to reinforce the Power Yield

Posted by admin on February 14th, 2011

A startup of Idealab, called the RayTracker has been purchased on Friday by the First Solar Inc. which is the U.S. solar power manufacturer. This RayTracker can make the equipments to push up the amount of energy produced by the Solar panels. But the terms and conditions of the deal were not revealed.

Alan Bernheimer, First Solar spokesman said that “In this way the First Solar can reinforce its solar panels yield and reduce the cost of the energy produced by the solar farms by using Ray Tracker’s tracking technology.” He further added that “To reduce the accelerated energy cost and to optimize the energy outputs the purchasers are immensely interested in such tracking technologies.”
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Solar Power demand to increase

Posted by admin on February 13th, 2011

Global demand for solar power cells will increase 25 percent next year after more than doubling to a record this year, according to industry publisher Solarbuzz.

Solar manufacturers will deliver 20,400 megawatts to customers next year, up from an estimated 16,300 megawatts this year, San Francisco-based Solarbuzz said today in a report.

Demand for solar energy has soared as governments seek to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and cut emissions of greenhouse gases by power plants. A rapid expansion of solar panel production, mostly in Asia, has helped to reduce the cost of solar power in the U.S. to an average of $3.47 per watt in this month, compared with $4.77 in December 2007, according to Solarbuzz surveys.

“The large price reductions of 2009 created the platform for spectacular growth,” Solarbuzz President Craig Stevens said in the report. “They will need to fall further than incentive tariffs in key world markets to maintain strong growth next year.”
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Know more about Solar Power Energy

Posted by admin on February 13th, 2011

Solar power mean conversion of sunlight into electricity. Since years solar power has been around us. But today we have understood the power solar energy. Solar energy is the greatest way to conserve our natural resources. One of the most important advantage of solar power is that we can use sun to provide enough energy to our homes and small business and is non polluting.

Recently I have heard that a Salon in California has completely switched to solar power. And the owner of the salon is not only saving money but also making money by selling solar electricity to a company.

It is the great idea for any small business. On one hand you save money and on other hand you are also making money from it. People should know about this changing climate.

Solar power is the beat and affordable way to keep our environment healthy. Some people are making solar panels by themselves by using DIY solar panels. You can also learn to make solar panels by yourself more effectively and inexpensively. The more the solar panels you will have the more the electricity will be generated by them.
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Solar Power Plant in Italy

Posted by admin on February 13th, 2011

In Italy 24-mega watt solar power plant is going to be build by Norwegian solar energy firm REC, said by Norwegian solar energy firm REC today on 3rd of February 2011.

In Lazio the construction has been started already and 100,000 REC solar modules will be used.

In a statement Company told that, “The solar power plant will generate electricity about 37 million kWh. This about of electricity is sufficient for requirements of 14,000 homes”.

On Wednesday it was announced by REC that the results of it 4th quarter will be better that anticipated.

Xcel Energy completed installation of 13-kilowatt solar photovoltaic array system

Posted by admin on February 13th, 2011

13-kilowatt solar photovoltaic array system installation has been completed by Xcel Energy (based in Minneapolis) at P.R. Leyva Middle School in Carlsbad. In the New Mexico Community Solar program (started in 2009) this is the 4th project of the Xcel Energy.

In four southeastern and eastern New Mexico communities Xcel Energy has built solar devices to make people aware of advantages of solar Power. In Roswell, Hobbs and Clovis other projects have been developed.

Ben Jaime the Manager for Community and Economic Development at Xcel Energy, said the solar panels at Leyva Middle School is developed in the courtyard of the school besides shop building and these Solar panels are generating electricity for power grid in the area.
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Use Home Solar Panels – Save Energy

Posted by admin on February 12th, 2011

Solar panels are the best way to keep our environment health and save our resources. Solar power is non-pollutant.

Till now more than 100,000 people have installed rooftop solar panels and saved a lot in electricity bills. Solar panels can help you in many ways.

Most of the electricity is consumed in heating water and powering the houses.

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Green Energy – Solar Power System

Posted by admin on February 12th, 2011

What is Solar Power?

Conversion of sunlight into electricity is called solar Power. This can be done directly by using photovoltaic (PV), or indirectly by using concentrated solar power (CSP).

Uses of Solar Power:

1. Solar power can be used for heating water

2. You can use solar power at your home and business

3. You can use solar power to charge your mobile, iphones, laptops etc…
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Afghanistal people hapy with solar powered street lightning

Posted by admin on February 11th, 2011

For living a normal life, Afghanistan people are helped by Solar Power light as they are heaving well little street light at night.

For the first time in year, people of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, are enjoying the Solar Power street lights as 28 new solar powered street lightning’s are installed in the city by US engineers, and it has given a feeling of security in the city.

For the event a ribbon-cutting ceremony was marked and it has signalled the banging of 2 more solar power street lightning projects in the Afghanistan Engineering District-North’s Commander’s Emergency Response Program, or CERP, The project is similar to the project of year 2009 in Zabul province of 140 solar powered lights.

Kabul deputy mayor Abdul Ahad Wahid said that, “I know that this will have a positive impact. The moment we started lighting the road, people were extremely happy. There were like ‘wow we are living in a real city”.
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