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Rebates for Solar will pay off in the long run

Posted by admin on January 16th, 2011

Unexpectedly, now more of Australian families have decided on direct action, such as taking advantage of federal and state grants and feed-in-tariffs (FIT) to install solar electricity units. 

In addition, under the NSW FIT solar power scheme the highest installations were done in the lower SEC western suburbs of Sydney and the highest recorded in the countryside town (ordering systems in comparison with the average size of 2.8kW 1.9kW in the city).

Such schemes are open to community organizations, small and medium-sized businesses along with households. The tenants can participate in the Community owned solar farms and wind farm (as is happening in the sunshine Spain, Germany and Denmark).

Finally, the unfairness argument fails to take into account the relatively massive amount of direct and indirect assistance to the taxpayers have given for decades, fossil fuel, electricity and transport sectors.

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China captures the Solar Panel makers work

Posted by admin on January 16th, 2011

As we have already know that  the Evergreen Solar, the third-largest maker of solar power panels in the United States  is closing its main American factory, laying off the 800 workers by the end of March and shifting production to a joint venture with a Chinese company in central China. Evergreen finds much higher government support available in China.

The investigation is going on by Obama administration whether China has violated the free trade rules of the World Trade Organization with its extensive subsidies to the manufacturers of solar panels and other clean energy products. The Chinese government has strongly denied that any of its clean energy policies have violated W.T.O. rules.

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Ikea would install 1,120 solar panels on its South Coast Drive store

Posted by admin on January 15th, 2011

Ikea applied for the permission to install solar power panels on the roof South Coast Drive store, said Khanh Nguyen, a Costa Mesa building official.

The Ikea spokesman Joseph Roth said “We’ve been following solar energy technology as it’s been advancing, and now we concluded that it’s definitely feasible for us to efficiently and effectively implement the solar-energy programs at certain stores.”

The ikea plans to install 1,120 panels on the roof of its store generating 250 kilowatts — enough to light up 2,500 regular light bulbs, said Khanh Nguyen, a Costa Mesa building official. The panels would supplement the power grid and provide energy during sunny days, he said.

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Kauai gets storage battery for its Koloa substation

Posted by admin on January 14th, 2011

There was an announcement by Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) on Thursday that it will install a 1.5-megawatt utility-scale storage battery for its 3-megawatt solar power plant at Koloa substation made by Xtreme Power. 

It will be used to store and release energy to accommodate the intermittent nature of a nearby solar plant planned for installation on the island of Kauai. It will be built and run by Poipu Solar, will be capable of generating enough electricity to power over 850 Hawaiian homes when running at full capacity.

Solar installation in Hawaii hits goal of producing 70 percent of all energy used for electricity and ground transport from renewable resources by 2030. But a cloudy day or at night, electricity from solar plants varies.

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Apple now patent for Solar Powered Mobiles

Posted by admin on January 14th, 2011

Apple has received a patent Patent No. 7,868,582 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday for a solar power system for mobile devices, a possible solution for keeping iPhone and iPad batteries charged for longer periods.

It will be powering electronics partially with solar power. Apple originally filed a patent in February 2009. CEO Russel Stern extols the virtues of his 10 Gbps products including switch.

It deals to meet power requirements for electronics by converting the power from a solar panels.The system includes a voltage converter that ensures the available solar power can be converted and used to recharge batteries. The solar panel could either be embedded in the device or be removable, according to the patent.
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Evergreen Solar closes its Massachusetts factory

Posted by admin on January 13th, 2011

Due to the low-cost Chinese suppliers the Evergreen Solar closes its solar panels  factory in Massachusetts  finds U.S.  at a disadvantage.  The  Evergreen Solar company Devens, Mass., plant, converted into a military system will close by the end of the first quarter will result in 800 job losses, leaving about 100 of its Marlborough, Massachusetts-based headquarters.

 They said it was the neccessary step to retain the money and remain in line with the global solar power panels prices. They will continue to make silicon cells in Michigan and in China.

Evergreen Solar was given  $58 million tax credits and direct grants. In an interview  the Boston Herald, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said the state back a significant part of the investment and that he did not, unfortunately, support for Evergreen was the last four years.

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NT Solar PV Pilot Project

Posted by admin on January 12th, 2011

 PAWA and the Northern Territory is the best location and has economic, technogical and social benefits for renewable energy project . This NT solar power PV project  will enhance the knowledge for renewable energy industry and will provide employment. The PV Northern Territory project will have the similar construction and appearance to that of Singleton project.

PV project is the Australia’s largest project.

The 280kW Northern Territory project is the Australia’s biggest single PV project that make up the solar farm installed  by energy Australia in Singleton, NSW. It is believed to be the first such application in the world like the PV peak lopping principle employed in the Northern Territory Project.

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Pilot project of solar panel benefits city

Posted by admin on January 12th, 2011

The chair person of Ottawa’s environment committee says it best idea for the city to tap into green electricity.

“Installation of the solar panels makes economic sense because the city can sell power to the provincial grid, generating a revenue stream over the life of the project,” Coun. Maria McRae stated on Tuesday.

The Ottawa City Hall and OC Transpo’s garage on Belfast Road already have Solar power panels installed on top of the roof. Read the rest of this entry »

Massachusetts unveiling a rebate program

Posted by admin on January 11th, 2011

Massachusetts unveil a rebate program that is designed to help residents pay for solar power hot water projects.

The application process is “non-competitive” means you have to meet standards, but not jump through 10,000 hoops, and the rebates begin at $12.50 per square foot of collector, or an average of $1,000. Each system manufactured within the state also qualifies for an additional $200, which means that a solar hot water system can reportedly be had for less than half the cost when combined with other federal, state, and utility incentives.

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More than 800 megawatts of electricity to California power grid

Posted by admin on January 11th, 2011

On Monday Southern California Edison announced that it would acquire  more than 800 MW of solar electricity created from sunlight that will go directly to the California power grid.

Solar power plants are one of the 325 megawatts of capacity in AC, which would be one of the largest capacity of solar PV installations. Arizona company First Solar is to develop two photovoltaic power plants are even greater, about 500 megawatts, and Sempra Generation factory in Arizona, could eventually top out of 600 MW.

The maximum power, 711 megawatts, would be developed by a Californian company SunPower. 

This is an unprecedented time for solar photovoltaic,” said Marc Ulrich, SCE’s vice president, Renewable and Alternative Power. “We’re seeing growth in technological advances and manufacturing efficiencies that result in competitive prices for green, emission-free energy for our customers.”

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