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Holt to construct Largest Rooftop Solar Energy Plant in North America

Posted by admin on June 22nd, 2011

Gloucester Marine Terminal will work with SunPower Corp. and will do largest Solar Power Panels in North America , which will be on rofftops. The Installation will be done on the 1.1 million square-foot roof of the Terminal’s refrigerated warehouse near the Walt Whitman Bridge on the Delaware River.
The project include the solar installation of 27,528 photovoltaic rooftop solar panels. This will generate 9 megawatts of electrical energy (9 MW) which can power upto 1,500 properties – at Gloucester Marine Terminal, which is owned by the Holt family. The Riverside project are going to be nearly twice as substantial as any prior rooftop solar installation in New Jersey, which has emerged as a national leader within the improvement of renewable power resources. Construction is underway and ought to be completed by the fall.

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Solar Impulse lands in Paris for air display

Posted by admin on June 15th, 2011

A Swiss solar-powered aircraft has arrived in Paris from Brussels just after solving a series of technical hitches.

The Solar Impulse is taking portion within the International Paris Air Show, the largest such display within the globe, exactly where it has been billed as a specific guest. It’s the aircraft’s second international flight.

Piloted by Solar Impulse’s co-founder and chief executive André Borschberg, the aircraft took off at 05.ten regional time on 14 June, flying south above the Belgian border towards Troyes, after which north to Le Bourget soon after a “long circling that was on account of air site visitors and meteorological conditions that have been anticipated by the mission team”. Typical speed was 22.5kt (41.6km/h) plus the aircraft landed with 95% of its battery life intact.

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Largest Solar Power Boat to arrive in Brisbane

Posted by admin on May 28th, 2011

The Wolds largest solar yacht in the world, the Planet Solar will arrive soon in brisbane.

The vessel, which continues to be compared towards the Starship enterprise from the Star Trek Trilogy saga, is 31 metres long, 15 metres wide and stands an impressive 6.1 metres high. The yacht also features a solar power surface of over 537 square metres with 38,000 solar cells.

It can reach speeds of about 13 knots, but maintains a significantly lower average – around 7.5 knots. At that speed it really should take about 160 days to travel around the planet.

It has  created a record in the fastest crossing from the Atlantic for a solar panels boat, and has produced the longest distance of any solar electric vehicle.

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Solar panel lowers monthly electrical energy bills

Posted by admin on May 9th, 2011

Home owners who need to have to tap into clean, renewable power, although lowering their monthly electrical energy bills, may possibly have to have to take into account installing solar panels on their residence or property.
Corporations that specialize in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can evaluate your website for solar panel placement and let you determine a cost-effective approach to make power that will not emit greenhouse gasses.
Mercury Solar Systems, with far a lot more than 30 years of know-how and offices all as a result of the Tri-State location and Pennsylvania, assists both residential and commercial consumers with their solar power specifications.
Corporation President Jared Haines gave four great factors why property owners should install a solar PV process.

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The Ellison School goes green

Posted by admin on May 8th, 2011

Palmieri Electric will install 429 solar panels on three with the Spring Road school’s roofs at no charge.
Raymond Palmieri, president and CEO of Palmieri Electric, has 3 grandchildren enrolled in Ellison  in preschool and initial and fourth grades and needed to assist the school accomplish its long-sought-after objective of going green.
The panels will produce 115,613 kilowatt-hours of energy each year, enough to decrease the school’s annual electricity payments by 90 percent, mentioned Palmieri’s daughter, Renee Palmieri-Troyano, President of Palmieri Solar Solutions, that is overseeing the project at no cost.
Underneath a energy invest in agreement, Buena-based Palmieri Electric will act because the owner and operator from the system for 15 years, she stated. Following that time, Ellison will become the owner and can continue to earn savings from the power created.

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TPG to invest in $150 million in Comtec Solar Systems

Posted by admin on April 19th, 2011

TPG Capital announced it plans to invest as much as HK$1.17 billion ($150 million) for a 21 % stake in Comtec Solar Systems Group Ltd.

TPG will
purchase five-year convertible bonds and warrants within the Shanghai-based solar power wafer maker for HK$780 million and could invest an additional HK$390 million if the agreement are totally exercised, according to a statement from the companies today.


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Posted by admin on April 16th, 2011

Solar water heating systems can be of two kinds: Active systems and Passive systems. An active method utilizes an electric pump to circulate the fluid by way of the collector even though a passive method has no pump and relies on thermo-siphoning to circulate water. The quantity of hot water a solar power water heater produces depends upon the kind and size of the method, the quantity of sun accessible in the internet site, installation angle orientation.
Passive systems move household water or a heat-transfer fluid by way of the technique with no pumps. The advantages are that electrical energy outage and electric pump breakdown are not issues. This makes passive systems usually more reputable, less difficult to keep, and possibly longer lasting than active systems. Passive systems are usually much less costly than active systems, but are also generally much less efficient due to slower water flow rates via the program.

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Solar Space Heating

Posted by admin on April 16th, 2011

The term Space heating indicates heating the space within a developing.Solar energy is utilised in houses for space heating. You will find generally two varieties of solar space heating systems: Passive method and Active program. The mixture of passive and active solar houses is known as hybrid systems.
Inside a passive program, a passive solar property as a whole acts as a solar panel collector. Passive program does not use any unique mechanical equipment’s including pipes, ducts, fans, or pumps to transfer the heat that house collects on sunny days. A passive solar power property relies on correctly oriented windows and converts solar power into heat inside a similar way as a closed car. Sunlight passes via the window and is absorbed inside the walls and floors. The quantity of heat in a passive solar property is controlled by either opening the doors and windows for letting out the air or by closing them for keeping inside the air. At night, unique heavy curtains or shades are pulled over the windows to keep the daytime heat inside the home. From the summer, awnings or roof overhangs aids the residence to cool by shading the windows from the high summer sun. Heating a home by warming the walls or floors is far more comfortable than heating the air within a property.

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Solar Cars

Posted by admin on April 14th, 2011

Ways of Transportation are altering. Automobile producers are adapting to new tips because of growing population along with a depletion of sources, attempting out distinct solutions to reach “zero emission” autos.
These needs are increasing the interests in new battery technologies and hybrid technologies. This in turn is generating implications for the advancement of solar vehicles
A solar automobile is an electric car powered with solar energy. The solar power automobile requires numerous photovoltaic cells inside a solar array that converts sun’s power directly into electrical energy to run. The Photovoltaic cells are produced of silicon and also other semiconductor materials. The solar arrangement are most generally mounted on towards the vehicle inside a horizontal or vertical position to trap sunlight. The electrical power made by using the sunlight is stored in batteries, the energy from these batteries is used to energy electric motors to run auto. There are quantity of batteries which will be employed to store the power.

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Importance to Solar Energy

Posted by admin on April 10th, 2011

Utilizing much more solar power to cut our dependence on fossil fuels, and increase our power security and power independence seems like a very simple remedy, specifically because the Sun may be the biggest source of energy on our planet. Solar power can offer us with over 1000 occasions far more power than we presently require but regardless of this huge prospective, in 2008 solar power accounted for abjectly low, 0.02% from the world’s total energy supply.
There are lots of factors why planet is not making use of much more solar power to satisfy its large energy demand. When speaking about solar energy technologies we must know that these technologies are nonetheless inside the quite 1st stage of development, which tells us why solar power nevertheless fails to obtain efficiency compared to fossil fuels. An average solar panel has an efficiency of about 15 %, which indicates that huge quantity of solar power gets wasted, and ends up like a heat instead being turned into some kind of valuable power.

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